Give thanks to YHWH and call on his name make known his deeds among the nations.

Psalms: 105:1 


And it came to pass that YAHWEH spoke to me in a dream, put a searching spirit in my heart, and blew his breath on my temples, then I gave myself to the work of YAHWEH my GOD.

Work on my gift to the world, to all those who listen to my voice, speak and they will listen to my call, because it will be me YAHWEH your parent's god who speaks through their mouths.

But I don't know how to speak well! Whenever I speak, I get tongue-tied, and that's why no one listens to me. I have had this problem since I was a child. YAHWEH answered him: — Listen to me, Moses (my son), it is I who makes you speak or not speak! I am the one who makes you hear or hear nothing! It is I who can make you see, or make you blind! Go, get going to Egypt, I'll help you speak well, and I'll teach you what to say.
But Moses said, — My God, please send someone else. Then God got angry with Moses and said, — "Well, there you have your brother Aaron, the priest of the tribe of Levi!" Aaron speaks very well, and he knows how to convince people. Besides, he has already come out to meet you, and he will be glad to see you. You tell Aaron everything I have commanded you to say, so that he can tell the people for you. That way, Aaron will speak for you, just as you speak for me. I, for my part, will help them speak and teach them what to do. Go, take the rod (my promise) and do with it what I have ordered you to do.

And he said,  — If you listen carefully to the voice of YAHWEH your God, and do what is right in his eyes, and listen to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will not send you any of the diseases that I sent to the Egyptians, because I am YAHWEH.


“May the word of YAHWEH dwell in you with all its richness: instruct and advise one another with all wisdom; sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God, with heartfelt gratitude.”

“And the humble will possess the land, and will delight in abundant prosperity”

“And there shall be no needy among you, for the LORD will surely bless you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance to possess..”

“By the God of your father who helps you, and by the Almighty who blesses you, with blessings from the heavens above, blessings from the abyss below, blessings from the breasts and from the womb.”

“And you will eat from the stored provisions and you will have to take out the stored to store the new.”


I will give you a coin that will keep my Spirit, the message of union among my scattered peoples. It will be the currency of good, every action that leads to an improvement for my chosen people and all the peoples of the world will bear the seal of YAHWEH and I will know that you are my children who have executed it, a currency to unite my children, a currency to do good, a coin for all my people without distinction of race. Everyone who believes in YAHWEH will be blessed and abundant, it is my mandate, it is my desire, this is the path that I give you.

“Take out the old stored to keep the new and good that comes from YAHWEH for his chosen ones.”


Take care to do good with the gift I give you, because if you use YAHWEH for evil, you will be cut off and erased from the book of life. For this, get rid of all filth and evil that abounds so much, so that you can humbly receive the word sown in you, which has power to save your life. Furthermore, to whom God grants abundance and riches, he also grants him to eat of them, and to take his part and enjoy his cares, for this is the gift of God.

YAHWEH will cause the enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you; They will come out against you one way, and they will flee before you seven ways.
He who is good, from the goodness that he treasures in his heart, produces good; but he who is wicked produces evil out of his wickedness, because the mouth speaks out of what abounds in the heart.


Unite all around the true faith, recovering direct communication with my love that lives within you. You all have the currency for the change and renewal of my people. Every work sustained with YAHWEH will be blessed for all time.

Cry out to me with blind faith in your hearts and I will give you what I promised you from the beginning. I YAHWEH will never let you down.

“YAHWEH is my shepherd, I will lack nothing”


Pray to me with this prayer and we will renew the pact that you have never lost from me to you.

Father-Mother, Breath of Life, Source of sound, Action without words, Creator of the Cosmos!

Shine your light within us, between us and outside of us, so that we can make it useful.

Help us to continue our path breathing only the feeling that emanates from you.

Our Self, in the same step, can be with Yours, so that we walk like kings and queens with all the other creatures.

May your desire and ours be one, in all Light, as well as in all forms, in all individual existence, as well as in all communities.

Make us feel the soul of the earth within us, because, in this way, we will feel the wisdom that exists in everything.

Do not allow the superficiality and appearance of the things of the world to deceive us, and free us from everything that prevents our growth.

Do not let us fall into oblivion that You are the Power and the Glory of the world, the Song that is renewed from time to time and that beautifies everything.

May your love be only where our actions grow.

So be it!